Flea Market Friday...

Isn't this Vinolia Soap box beautiful?  I just couldn't resist it! It is so rare to find one with the label in such good condition so I was delighted when I saw this treasure... it makes me want to be transported back to the 1930's....

A Fragrant Idea...

We love vintage bottles of all shapes and sizes, they look lovely grouped together and possibly with some little flowers poking out.  This week I thought I would try something different so I filled mine with a little fragrance from a home fragrance diffuser (this scent is my favorite) I love the effect- it looks pretty and smells lovely! I have now scattered them all over my home....... ummmmmm delicious!  


Flea Market Friday...What we Found this Week!

Last week we went to the Lovely Homespun Fair in Portscatho.  We didn't really intend on buying much just have a little nosey around, but the stands were just so lovely and packed with all sorts of goodies...we ended up coming out with armfuls!  

One of the very special things we found was this beautiful 1930's Aquascutum Box.  We love vintage boxes and  and I thought it was particularly poignant to share this box this week as we heard the news that Aquascutum has sadly gone in to administration. 

Pretty Things

I just took a few snaps of this lovely book I have been reading and thought I would share it with you.   We have a fascination with all things pretty so this lovely book is titled,  Pretty Things caught my eye and has not failed to delight and inspire! 

 It is a beautiful look filled with wonderful images of burlesque queens of the 1930's 40's, 50's (all the best decades!) costume illustrations, and plenty of feathers, tulle, sequins, and lace! What is fascinating to me are the details of the costume construction the craftsmanship of the costume makers was truly incredible it is a fascinating book, and I must say extremely pretty!  

Flea Market Friday...What we Found this Week!

I love old and antique books, but what I really love is when I find antique books with lots of colour plates these ones we found are just lovely.  They are all  "Shown to the Children" Books,  have lots of colour plates and look great stacked on a bedside table



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Happy Easter!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter!

This cake is simply amazing, wouldn't it be a great centerpiece for an easter party?!

Flea Market Friday...What we Found this Week!

This week has been really hectic, so no time for antiques hunting.... but as I was looking though my camera I found these lovely photos.   A huge haul of framed antique butterflies (and some other goodies).  You can imagine my excitement, when I saw these pretty things poking out of an old musty suitcase these really were quite a rare find.

 I couldn't bare to part with all of them so I have these little ones (above) hanging in my bathroom, I   smile every time I see them and am reminded of that special day when I found them. 

Hope everyone is having a lovely easter weekend!

Spring Flowers

Spring is here! Unfortunately some of us in the UK are having to endure more winter weather (boo to snow in April!), but one way to fill yourself with the joys of spring is gathering all the pretty spring time flowers you can find, plopping them in every vessel you have and scattering them around your house!  

We have just added this lovely vintage bottle to our shop, with its pretty pastel perfume label it is perfect for a displaying a poesy of spring flowers! xxx