Flea Market Friday...What we Found this Week!

This beautiful little hand painted glass jug was hiding in an cupboard and I was delighted to find it!  When I got it home I  immediately filled it with water and these wonderfully plump ranunculus.  You can never have too many vintage jugs the are just so handy, perfect for a posy of flowers, or more traditionally for milk, at a spring time tea party!

I hope everyone in the UK is enjoying the sunshine! xxx


We had a great time at the Country Living Spring Fair, we met lots of lovely people and it was great to show off some new products, but now its time to catch up on some sleep!

Mothering Sunday

Wishing all the mothers a luxuriously lovely day!xxx

Flea Market Friday...What we Found this Week!


1940's  French fashion illustrations.  Drawn with black ink on tracing paper these are rare, wonderful and glamorous just look at those shoulders!

Flea Market Friday! What We Found This Week...

Whilst rummaging through a pile of linens we stumbled upon these gorgeous French Documents (some kind of check?).  Whatever they may be, they are fascinating, dated 1906, covered in all kinds of stamps, they are overflowing with the most beautiful fonts and handwritten script...if only documents from banks looked this today, it might make receiving bank statements a little more enjoyable!

The Help

I absolutely loved reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett, and have been dying  to see the film since.  Well,  this week I finally got around to seeing it  I liked it...as always the book was better, however the set design really won me over the period details were fabulous!  My absolute favorite sets were the kitchens ahhh...there really is nothing like a 50's/60's kitchen,  I love the check  floor and the hanging cake tins in Skeeter's family kitchen.

But my favorite has to be Celia Foote's 1930's kitchen just look at that stove!

And just for fun I though I would leave you with Miss Hilly's bathroom, gosh I do love that wallpaper and is it bad taste to love the pink bathroom suite?!

If you have not yet seen it you really must!

Flea Market Friday...What we Found this Week!

This week we we found this amazing oil painting of a 1940's pin-up girl and immediately had to have it!  Oil paintings, especially portraits are a particular passion, and this one was just too good to pass up...just look at that aqua backdrop!  She is simply gorgeous from her perfectly quaffed hair to her tomato red toes!  xxx

For the love of books...

As it is World Book Day we felt it only appropriate to share with you our love for books...and as with most things we have a particular fondness for old ones! Ripped, torn and falling apart...old books look pretty as a parcel knotted together the time worn pages spilling out from the beaten and broken binding.  They look wonderful stacked on shelves and as the center piece of a table setting......oh and they can be great fun to read!  xxx